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I forgot I had a tumblr and it’s been very long since I post anything. I am still growing my collection but I have no cams now. I’ll try to do something about it and post what I’ve been gathering for these past 2 years.


Source: Plastikitty

"BRS seems to be one of the reigning figure queens, but in reality she hasn’t gotten a whole ton of merchandise compared to other popular characters–she has 3 scaled figures (one basically a repaint), five figmas, a Real Action Hero, and two Nendoroids. This is the second Nendo (third if you count the Pucchito version), based on her Animation design. She was first unveiled at Wonder Festival, and more recently had her alternate weapons shown off on the Nico Nico Broadcast.

She comes with a lot more accessories than previous versions of her: first off is the hood, and she really does look adorable without the twintails. Then there’s her 3 weapons: the Black Blade, her signature Rock Cannon which now opens up, and a Gatling Gun. Oh, and her flame of course! It seems like there are only two faces, serious and more serious. She should be going up for order on Friday (Thursday night for those in the US) and I think this is a real improvement on the first version, which was lacking in a lot of areas.”



 have some more Pascal photos! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

All taken by hcoregamer00

das good cosplay


Plastikitty Review: Good Smile Company’s Anime Ver. Black Rock Shooter

I enjoy a good post from the backlog every once and a while. So why not continue with some backlog reviews with the amazing Black Rock Shooter


Plastikitty Review: Good Smile Company’s Anime Ver. Dead Master

The Black Rock shooter Backlog theme continues with the amazing gallery and review of Dead Master. One of my favorite photoshoots on the site.


Plastikitty Review: Good Smile Company’s Anime Ver. Black Gold Saw

Another fantastic gallery from our big dose of reviews. It’s really worth checking em out for amazing photography and some damn fine writing. That’s it for tonight. I’m not sure what the theme will be tomorrow.


He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god.” - Aristotle

A perfect description of what BRSB, the latest in huke design for his Black Rock Shooter pantheon.  BRSB, or Black Rock Shooter Beast, was made that more tangible by the wonderful Masaki Asai of Max Factory and was paired with the all encompassing collective artbook only title simply as BLK.

The artbook is a perfect display of both huke’s BRS designs, designs from Stein’s;Gate, as well as some original designs that have scene as much exposure until the release of this artbook. However, what the real review is about is the BRSB figma.

It was a pleasant surprise to see this subtle black box with very little details, with only the emblem and the letters BRSB in a contrasting white. However I will say that it would have any collector worried, as promotional photos have been known in the past to not exactly portray the figure in the best of light, that there was a possibility that the figure is going to be disappointment as soon as it is opened.

That doubt that settled quickly dissipated upon opening, the detail can be seen already as she is taken out, not even out of the plastic, from the intricacies of her outfit to the very lettering on the back of the BRSBlade and the emblem, an amazing amount of care was put into this figure.

Unfortunately she is lacking in variety of faces and a hand rack, however this is due to the unfortunate size of her hands, she still has an some great accessories. For those who had seen my unboxing video, the blade is quite sharp, be cautious as it can cause injury, honestly so does all of her spikes on her armor, her hair, and pretty much anything else on her. With the blade she also has her gun, the 7 shot, which has an astounding amount of detail for such a small accessory.

Despite only having two expressions, BRSB has such attention to her face, that even with only those two expressions, an array of different poses and captured moments can be had. With her eyes closed one can convey sadness, regret, reflection, even disgust. While her standard face can express longing, confidence, poise, and even wonder. These are things that can be rarely done, let alone well, but BRSB does it with flying colors.

All in all, despite the hefty price attached due to shipping weight due to being included with the BLK artbook, it is the single most favorite thing I’ve received during the month of January, and so far, of the year. Huke, Good Smile Company, and Max Factory once again set the bar for awe and wonder to tall heights, and we as fans reap the benefits.

I advise if you are able to even find this item at this point and are able to afford it, please purchase it. Also to add, it is one of the few figmas that is stable to stand in any position without the figma stand, which is still included, due to the greaves (which, on such a petite body reminds me of the Grieves song “Smile to the Blade”, reminding us that sometimes even those who are small have to don our tools of war) though honestly they look more akin to suneate, samurai shin guards, since they don’t cover the back of the leg, are large enough to hold the weight.

I leave you with a graceful photo, an intentional panty shot that also happens to demonstrate how well balanced the figure is without a stand. 

It also includes clear blue plastic parts that can be deployed to kind of present a “Battle Mode” which can be seen much better in action, as well as the rest of the figure, from our good friends at Moonshine Animations in this video review

Well until next time fellow toy caretakers, and keeping loving your toys because you’ll never know when they’ll return the favor ^,^


The new Black Rock Shooter Anime Figma looks fantastic. - More Info and Photos


Man that Tales of Graces XMB theme is a bit too violet